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Technique discovery

Detail from a painting

I started working with watercolours and drawing mostly on small-sized papers because I liked the subtlety of watercolours, shades, line precision, and also because I neither had space nor financial means. Soon, I felt I needed more materials, more effects, so I started to mix other techniques to watercolours. Then, I worked on bigger sizes and turned towards acrylics and mixed techniques, on canevas, then on wood. Now, I can use any medium depending on my mood.

Generally speaking, any material, any technique, any texture, any style do appeal to me. I love discovering them, exploiting them, mixing them, disturbing them, I like embossing, adding depths to my work. What is more, everything is a source of inspiration to me : plaster, terracotta, sand, wood, cork, stones, as well as resin, mastic, metal, paper, fabrics, clay, wathever

Detail from a painting

I also include sometimes patchworks, mosaics, and I incorporate various types of stones, gems, pearls, strass, shells, feathers, etc. in my work. Not only in my paintings but also in the objects of all kinds that I create, decorate, such as mirrors, vases, plates

I'm also fascinated by patinas, pigments, oils, etc. to find the right colours, shades, effects along with my inspiration.

Freedom in Arts is what guides me, and any innovation, any questionning of existent techniques after absortion is a way of reaching it. That is why I always need novelty, changes and quality too. I keep an open mind to every technique and anything I don't know about in order to take the best of it and mix it together with my own experience, always looking for the Sublime.

Detail from a painting

That is actually how I came to decorate as well jars, frame, mirrors, vases, incense burners, boxes and all usual objects I found nor attractive nor original. I wanted to see my flowers and plants grow in living jars rather than the ordinary boring terracottas. I guess it has something to do with respect to them, too. Anyway, I wanted that the mere act of throwing a paper away became something beautiful for the basket itself was beautiful, original and as unique as a painting. Crualty and ugliness are so much everywhere inside us and around that I refuse to see it every day I woke up, everytime I look around.

Detail from a painting

Maybe it is a denial of Reality, of the ugly part of reality, I don't know, I guess it is a way to protect myself from it, to clean up myself from violence and crualty through beauty and humour sometimes, too. I thought I might not be the only one to need beauty as well as functionalty around myself in order to survive or to live better. That's what brought me to create and transform usual objects for sharing with those who tend to beauty, too.

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