Marie Hermance

A 						       painting from Marie

From internal burst comes Art.

Passion for materials, volumes, colors,

Dreams, fantasy, stories, madness, silences, nature, love, life

Then their fusion, instinctive and fatal, visceral and violent, bursts out

Magical moment, arrogant, almost electric when the world tips over, opens out, stretches, twists, breaks and makes it up, blows up and bounces back, struggles to be finally created in an unspeakable pictorial chaos, untouchable and ... beautiful.

Speaking of form: painting, sculpture, engraving, gilding, mosaic, wonderful " little words " or speaking of media or material: stone, minerals, wood, metal, glass, gold, bronze, what else do I know ..., it is anything but fusion of heart and substance, of abstract and concrete, in a cosmic moment guided by passion alone, this inside burst that is so great, so strong, so touching, so powerful in truth that it eventually sprays onto your walls, and is called Art

I want to show you mine in order to spring up sparkles of beauty, spirit, serenity and appeasement, desire in fact, desire to live and thrill.

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